[ic] Akopia in PHP

IC-Admin interchange@my-school.com
Fri, 23 Feb 2001 02:19:55 -0500 (EST)

Doug Alcorn wrote:

> Have you downloaded and looked at Interchange? We're talking about
> close to 2MB and 55,000 lines of perl code.  This represents _years_
> of effort (and probably tens of years of man-effort).

Nice you bit the bullet. As far as I know, up til MiniVend merged with
Akopia, Mike Heins worked alone on the code for around five years.
(Though he is always very generous to acknowledge even the tiniest
itsy bit of help he got from others, but it looked to me as if it
was not substantial amount of code added by others). I remember that
shortly before Tallyman merged with MV, it was already 33 000 lines. I
have never checked back after that.

But out of curiosity I would like to know how many of the 55 000 lines
are lines from the former Tallyman code and how many people have
worked on that one for how long a time period. I never found that exactly
described somewhere and didn't try to figure it out myself. 

I like to know how much lines Mike Heins did wrote per day
on an average and if that is a somewhat an extraordinary performance. 
Just wonder what leading developers in other projects like KDE, Gnome or
Apache churn out, though I guess quantity alone doesn't say much
without considering quality and I guess it's dependent on the language.

The reason I am asking is because (being obviously not a programmer
and only lurking here out of being an old loyal fan of Minivend) some
people have tried to ridicule me in the past in private email of "defending" 
Minivend and Mike Heins in the past. I felt somewhat angry about
it and helpless, because I had no comparison to other developer's
achievements and could never judge it. Luckily now as the code is under
RedHat's umbrella, I feel a little bit better, as my judgement was
obviously not so bad. But I don't forget those guys who tried to
ridicule me. May be someone likes to answer that one. It's so
hard for a non programmer to judge a program and a programmer.

Anyhow, I think it's nice that you spoke up the way you did, Doug.