[ic] on-the-fly items - Using Other Fields

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Fri, 23 Feb 2001 01:51:36 -0500

Quoting Grant Galea (grant@hq.com.au):
> Hi all,
> I'm using the latest version of Minivend 4 (still yet to update).
> I have all my products in the products db and the reason I'm using
> on-the-fly items is because I need to combine a number of products
> from the products db into a package that is shown in the basket page
> as one product.
> I have successfully done this though I have run into one problem.
> On the basket page I can only access the description, quantity and price
> fields. I am posting other fields but I can't access them. (see below).
> **** eg add to basket post page ****
> mv_todo=refresh
> mv_order_group=1
> mv_order_item=SA0001
> mv_order_fly=description=sample product|price=99.5|test=testing other field
> ____________
> **** eg basket page ****
> [item-list]
>    <tr>
>       <td>[item-description]</td>   <-------- works
>       <td>[item-subtotal]</td>        <--------- works
>       <td>[item-field test]</td>       <-------- displays nothing (I have
> tried every way I can think of)
>    </tr>
> [/item-list]
> I hope I have explained myself well enough and that someone can help me.
> Also I have tried all of the obvious.

Nowhere is it documentend that [item-field ....] does anything but access
a database. So it is not surprising that it doesn't work for you.

Have you looked at the contents of the shopping cart with a [dump] tag?
I think you might find it sits in the test attribute, available with
[item-modifier test].

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