[ic] Interchange Mall

IC-Admin interchange@my-school.com
Fri, 23 Feb 2001 19:26:56 -0500 (EST)

Jeff wrote:

> Since we are on the topic that is of primary interest to me, I
> went ahead and looked at the links.  I didn't find that any of them
> really addressed the mall issue that well, at least not from how I
> perceive a mall as operating.  A mall would be identical to a normal ISP
> multiuser installation except 1) searching from a special web page would
> search all catalogs and 2) the checkout process would become very
> convoluted.  The latter item was pointed out in one of the above URLs
> but no solution was offered (I suspect that there is no simple
> solution) so that particular item was not  particularly useful.
> In short, I think the mall issue is not cut and dried, is not a "RTFM"
> issue, and is certainly worthy of discussion.
> Jeff

Easy, easy, I spoke of glasses not of RTFM. :-)  Your original question
was very general, so I thought I give a very general answer.

Of course, it is worthy of discussion, but I haven't made a mall ever,
so the only things I can point to, are the links to posts of people who
have installed malls successfully, and from how I read them it is
possible, without knowing any nitty, gritty details.  

May be those links give you more courage. Otherwise, may be you contact
people in private, who were successful in setting them up.