[ic] [OT] official name of IC ?

IC-Admin interchange@my-school.com
Sat, 24 Feb 2001 02:50:46 -0500 (EST)

Mike Heins wrote: 

> Interchange is capable of more than that.

> > > I know that some people would say "but that is what *you* are there
> > > for!" (Meaning me and my Red Hat compatriots.) 
> >      Well, I agree with those people, I'll bet Akopia offers
> > consulting to help them towards these unique solutions.

> Ah yes, but they mean for free. 8-)
> We do indeed do a good job of it, now as Red Hat E-Business
> Solutions. And we are quite capable of helping to define the process,
> albeit at a price.

Because that's such a recurring issue, knowing where the famous fine
line is between getting help for free and getting help at a price, a
question popped up in my mind: 

What's now the official name for the Interchange software ? Is it still
Akopia Interchange(TM) or is it RedHat Interchange(TM) ?

Otherwise being reminded of Akopia's slogan this came to my mind.

RedHat E-Commerce Services: Free To Help Your Business At A Price. 
RedHat (Akopia) Interchange(TM): Freedom To Mind Your Own Business. 

May be that would be a nice top banner slogan.

So much free-and-dom, RMS and ESR would be happy both at the same
time. And if that is not a success than I ask myself what is... :-)

Have a nice weekend, compatriots. (To a German ear compatriots has a
very socialist tune, but I guess to an American ear it sound like 
pure Jazz...)