[ic] Akopia in PHP

John Foster jfoster@augustmail.com
Sat, 24 Feb 2001 15:00:04 -0600

Mike Heins wrote:
> The good news is I just put the first take on an Interchange
> SOAP server in the dev branch, and it looks like the next version
> of Interchange will be pretty easy to talk to with PHP, Python,
> or whatever the language of the week is.
> It also includes a SOAP client (based on the excellent SOAP::Lite
> module by Paul Kulchenko) which can talk to any other application that
> talks SOAP.
> Preliminary work indicates it will be able to serve hundreds of
> RPC calls per second on a fairly fast machine, which means it will
> be useful for quite a few things.
You guys just continue to amaze me. Excellent move on your part!! Mike &
crew your efforts are much appreciated.
We specialize in multi-processor computing systems!
John Foster
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