[ic] Build new catalog problem

Joe Frame joe_frame@hotmail.com
Sun, 25 Feb 2001 15:20:05 -0000

I have a problem building a new catalog.
Using Interchange 4.6.4
Running on Linux.

I successfully built one version of catalog 'construct' as-is.
Next I built a catalog called 'testit' which is 'contruct' but uses MySQL.
Now I tried to build another catalog with minor changes in the products.txt 

For some reason bin/makecat has stopped working.
makecat stops midway through the installation and appears to hang.

I answer all questions up to "ImageURL?".  Fill this in and hit enter.
It doesn't respond.

When I was able to build catalogs the first couple of times the next 
question should be  "INET or UNIX mode?"

How can I debug this?  I don't see any entries in the error.log file.


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