[ic] Help? --- Perl Module Questions and Answers

Christopher VanOosterhout chris@vanoosterhout.com
Sun, 25 Feb 2001 12:50:33 -0500

It sounds as if you are missing the Perl module Tie::Watch.  I have been 
having a problem with a similar issue (and I still am to some extent).  If 
you are not familiar with how to install new Perl modules, there is a 
utility I recently found called CPAN that (if installed on your computer) 
should automatically go out to one of the Perl CPAN mirror sites, retrieve 
the module and install it for you.

You may want to try the following command to see if you have this 

perl -MCPAN -e 'install Tie::Watch'

It should tell you if it can (and with this command -- if installed -- it 
will install it) be installed or it already is.

Now here is the caveat that I was asking the list about yesterday ... 
:  Even after I ran this command and the additional modules where all 
installed (and later confirmed using the MCPAN system, my admin area still 
says some of these modules are not found by Interchange.  My question was 
and still IS ... is there anything I have to do to activate these?  I mean 
... why is Interchange still saying these modules are needed when the CPAN 
system verifies that they are installed and up to date?

What am I doing wrong?


At 11:47 PM 2/24/2001 -0800, any@youwillsave.com wrote:
>Can someone tell me what this means?  Tie::Watch not found. Minor:
>cannot set watch points in catalog.cfg
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