[ic] GDBM.pm error in interchange/error.log

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Sun, 25 Feb 2001 14:55:25 -0500

Quoting Craig A. Carman (webmaster@seeshopgo.com):
> Mike,
> I found one of your old posts that got me past that problem. The bash
> suggestion is what worked.  I can now navigate freely through the admin
> pages.  Frankly, i guess it went over my head,
> can you tell me what you had me do?

Bypass the preferred GDBM database library in favor of the
not-so-good-for-Interchange DB_File.

I would make sure you start using MySQL or some other SQL post-haste,
if you haven't already. DB_File is not a realistic database for a
production environment. (For reasons I will not go into, even if asked.)

> And, is that the end of this problem or just a temporary solution?

It is the end for now as long as you always set that in your
environment before starting/restarting IC. 

I am guessing it is not the end forever, for your Perl installation
looks to be bad. That is usually nothing but problems down the line.
It could be that the only bad part of the installation is GDBM, but
I wouldn't bet on it.

The longer things appear to work for you the better the chance you
are OK. 

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