[ic] Help?

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Sun, 25 Feb 2001 22:52:14 -0500

Quoting any@youwillsave.com (any@youwillsave.com):
> Thanks for the advise Chris but all that happened when I entered the
> command(perl -MCPAN -e 'install Tie::Watch') is it tried to install
> something but could not? I'm not even sure if this possible error
> (Tie::Watch not found. Minor: cannot set watch points in catalog.cfg.)
> is the cause of my problem which is: I can not cross-sell or quantity
> sell any item?

That is definitely not the problem. Tie::Watch is simply not needed
unless you are doing some things where you would know it was needed.

I will take that message out of admin in the next release. It is
*really* minor, which I thought would get across to people in the
message. Apparently not. 8-\

> When I click on either of these all that comes up is the
> ok/cancel screen and when I click on no meta display it goes to the edit
> screen? Help please. Everything else seems to be working fine. I really
> just need the cross-sell option to work. Thank you in advance to whom
> ever!

This is usually a database problem, or a catalog coming from a version
lower than 4.6.3 where a variable is not defined properly. There should
be an error log entry and a notation in the 4.6.3 WHATSNEW file about
what the problem really is with that.

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