[ic] ISP Installation

Stuart Bain stbain@cyberweight.com
Mon, 26 Feb 2001 03:38:53 -0500

Thanks to the lack of broadband in my area, my website is hosted by a
service provider. My site is hosted on a respectably beefy box running Linux
(RedHat 6.2). If I convince them to install the Perl modules
(Bundle::Interchange and Bundle::DBI), will I be able to install and use
Interchange. I have access to the MySQL database, and I'll have to ask about
running the background process. My concern is whether or not I need root

They offer Commerce.cgi as one of their "ready to use" scripts. How hard
would it be to enable multiple clients of theirs to use Interchange instead.
Perhaps they could run one Interchange background process for all of their
e-commerce enabled users.

Comments? Suggestions?

-- stbain