[ic] MAC data encryption error

Webmaster of Infothai webmaster@infothai.com
Mon, 26 Feb 2001 21:18:45 +0700

This sounds like the problem I had some time ago. There was a problem in 
the standard CyberCash 3.2 modules - they would not work with MiniVend. 
The problem lay in the communication between Minivend/Interchange and 
the Cybercash encryption module that ran as a separate task. The fix 
involved replacing the standard 3.2 modules. Those modules were posted 
to the mailing list, so a search of the archives should give you all 
the information. The date I recall was around July-August 2000.

Are you using the 3.2 Perl interface routines? If so, then the replacement 
routines might be portable to the Mac.



On Mon, 26 Feb 2001 07:56:43 -0600, davidb wrote:

>I'm still having a problem with the mac encryption error w/ IE5 for mac.
>Any ideas or suggestions?
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