[ic] Help?

any@youwillsave.com any@youwillsave.com
Mon, 26 Feb 2001 17:56:23 -0800

Thanks to everyone for your help.
Unfortunately my problem still exists!
I have spent countless hours trying to fix the cross-sell and quantity
pricing options to work but have not been able to. I have learned alot
in the process but I should be learning more important stuff like
running and designing the store to fit my needs. (You should not have to
know how to build a car in order to drive it). At this point I would
just like to delete the whole thing and start over, but even this has
become a nightmare. I've looked through the messages and found some help
for this, (Four steps:

    1. Remove the Catalog line from interchange.cfg, i.e.

           perl -pi.bak -e 's/^Catalog\s+construct.*//' interchange.cfg

       Or use your favorite editor.

    2. Remove the link program (i.e. /cgi-bin/construct).
    3. Remove the HTML directory (i.e. /home/httpd/html/construct).
    4. Remove the catalog directory (i.e. ~/catalogs/construct).

At that point, all traces are gone except for a construct.status file
that lays around in INTERCHANGE_ROOT/etc. You can remove that too if
you like more than 4 steps. 8-)
and (...or perhaps an uninstaller script: rmcat -c catalogname
...performs all the steps, then restarts interchange?  Just a suggestion
:-) but have tried this with no results. Probably because I lack the
proper knowledge?

I say this: If you want to teach me how to speak Chinese, then teach me
with books written in English, not Chinese!
In other words, can some one PLEASE tell me in plain 'English' how to
start over from scratch? I have several times deleted the store files
from my hosts directories but obviously there is more to it than that. I
believe my problems lay in the root directories which I do not know how
to minipulate. There has to be an easier way? If I sound frustrated, I'm
sorry, but after a week of typing in 10 million lines with no results
you would be too!