[ic] Crazy Cross Compatibility Problems

David Bigler dbigler@usa.net
26 Feb 2001 17:58:10 CST

Here is the problem- one user can order from TN, while a user in IL cannot
order.  They are both using the same browser (IE 5) and both on PC's.  The
problems only begin when the user clicks on Purchase from the basket, and one
of three totally unpredicitible things happen- 

This page not displayed
Server Error
Drops cart contents

They appear to happen for no apparent reason, because the user in TN has
already been making orders for a few days.

Sometimes the customer can get all the way to entering in the credit card
info, but if they click purchase, they not only loose everything, but they get
a this page not displayed error.

The user can make a purchase from another computer in the office, but it takes
several tries to get it to work.  Any ideas why this is so unpredictible and
does anyone know how to remedy it?  Could it be a browser problem?  I have
several other issues but this is the most serious.  Thanks to anyone who can
help me out here.

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