[ic] Moving test catalog to production?

Howell Silverman howells@siliconcty.com
Mon, 26 Feb 2001 20:40:31 -0500

On somewhat of this same subject. I'm using a test system locally to ...
test the catalog before making it available "on the net".  What I really
want to accomplish is to not change anything except change the domain name.
The db and templates all work the way I want them to (at this point anyway).
My question is this.

Do I have to re-run makecat with the new domain perameters in order to
change the domain name or can I just edit the catalog.cfg file (or some
other one) with the new domain name?

If I do re-run makecat, and I answer "No" to copy the templates toward the
end of the script, will it make the necessary changes to catalog.cfg but NOT
overwrite the template modifications?

Thanks for your help.

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Well, the subject pretty much says it all. I have a test catalog, running
out of a subdir of my apache doc-home and my cgi prog is in the cgi-bin
directory. So how do I move it to the root? i.e. from
www.mydomain.com/cgi-bin/catalog/index.html to just www.mydomain.com.

I'm sure this is possible, I just haven't been able to make it work.

Thanks for any help

Tom Lichti

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