[ic] Help?

any@youwillsave.com any@youwillsave.com
Mon, 26 Feb 2001 22:51:28 -0800

To Steve and Patti.
I did allot and learned allot from your advise but you assumed wrong, I
don't even
think I know what or where the catalog is. Who knows what I screwed up

To cfm@maine.com
I know your comments were meant with the best of intentions, as are
mine. I was in
way "over my head" the day I bought my 1st computer 4 years ago. I've
come a long
way since then, but not by giving up or finding "other solutions". We
must always
encourage others to learn and understand, especially the young ones.

To all who have tried to help me: I thank you from the bottom of my
heart. Even
though the main goal of fixing my problem has not been achieved, I'm
sure that I am
walking away more knowledgeable in these matters because of you! Thank
thank you! "May your help to others in the future be more fruitful and
I am not giving up, just giving you a break. I will bother you no more.
My problem
will be solved sooner or later with trial and error and persistence.
This list has been
great, fun and I have learned much from it.

To those who make it all happen: I believe you could design a button for
like me that once pressed, everything would go back to default, (how it
was)? Just a suggestion! Thank You!!!