[ic] Undefined catalog error on RAQ3

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 06:08:06 -0500

Quoting Shozo Murahashi ayayu.com (murahashi@ayayu.com):
> Mike, Thank you very much for your responding.
> I can run your test-cgi and got output below now.
> Could you please review this and let me know what's wrong?
> PATH_INFO = /main/cgibin/test-cgi.cgi
> SCRIPT_NAME = /main/cgibin/test-cgi.cgi

Bingo. This is exactly wrong -- PATH_INFO is supposed to
be empty.

The only way to fix this that I know of is to get the
web server and CGIwrap set up properly. Beyond that, it would be a
hack to the Interchange core, perhaps enabled by a patch
in Server.pm or bin/interchnage like:

    if($Global::Variable->{CGIWRAP_WORKAROUND}) {
	    $CGI::path_info =~ s!^$CGI::script_name::;

This could go in ::adjust_cgi() in bin/interchange or the bottom
of Vend::Server::populate(), and be enabled with the interchange.cfg line:

    Variable  CGIWRAP_WORKAROUND   1

In fact, I think it belongs in ::adjust_cgi(), and I will put it there
for future releases.

Actually, I think that if CGIwrap is set up properly with
the --with-chroot=PATH this will not be a problem. Though I
cannot understand why they would have a problem figuring out
PATH_INFO if they know what SCRIPT_NAME is.....

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