[ic] Formatting the price

joachim.richter joachim.richter@usvideocenter.de
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 13:41:25 +0100

I have a rather curious problem

we are trying to assign different prices for different user upon login, so far everything worked out fine
we added 3 fields in the products database and called them price2, price3 and price4
we added 1 field in the userdb and called it pricefield
we changed our config in that way
Autoload <<EOR
    if($Scratch->{dealer}) {
            $Config->{PriceField} = $Values ->{pricefield};
Locale de_DE frac_digits 2
Locale de_DE p_cs_precedes 0
Locale de_DE p_sep_by_space 2
Locale de_DE mon_decimal_point   ,
Locale de_DE mon_thousands_sep .
#LocaleDatabase  locale

in the html pages we get an price output by using [item-price]

Why is it that somehow interchange "swallows" the last two digits instead of DM 15,95 it displays DM 15,00
it also calculates the shopping cart with the wrong price (missing 2 digits).

What can we do, we do suspect it to be a formatting problem, probably coming out of the Autoload <<EOR
Does anybody know how to resolve this ?

regards Joe

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