[ic] Problems restricting administrative users

Bruno Cantieni, Digital Landscape bruno@digi-land.com
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 10:22:21 -0500

I have recently installed IC 4.6.3 (RPM) on my RH Linux 7 machine.
After a few days of struggling I now have a couple of different demo cats working fine including one
using MySQL.

The plan ultimately is to have several catalogs running on one server with one SuperUser capable of
administering all the catalogs and to set up one catalog administrators for each catalog with
limited privileges. The main restriction imposed on these administrators is to not be able to delete

So far, using only the administrator UI ==> Access configuration utility,  I have not been able to
configure an administrator that can view and edit orders but not delete them.
Am I missing something here?
Am I the only one with this problem?

In fact, I can set up a new administrator, and without explicitly giving this administrator
SuperUser rights, assigning any group memberships or editing the "default" access privileges, this
new administrator in essence becomes a new SuperUser!

I have found only one reference in the archives suggesting that this functionality is still buggy
but if this is the case, how do I accomplish the above?

I could presumably roll my own access.asc but have not found any detailed description/instruction on
how I would go about doing that.

Any help, pointers, tips greatly appreciated.

(IC Newbie)
Bruno Cantieni