[ic] best set up with several stores

Michelle Wilant (home) michelle@wilant.com
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 10:32:38 -0500

Thanks for your quick response.  Currently, I have installed interchange
into two separate directories.  (Each directory has its own apache
httpd.conf file, too.) So my directory structure is as follows:

/web/sites/store1/(interchange root, also cgi-bin, etc)
/web/sites/store2/(its own interchange installation)

I can get store 1's interchange server running, no problem.  By doing
/web/sites/store1/interchange/bin/interchange -r  (as the interchange user
of course)

But when I go to start up an interchange server for store 2, it won't start
because it sees the other one running.  Therefore, right now I can't get two
interchange servers running.

I'm just wanting, currently, to run one apache server & interchange server
per catalog (aka store directory).  That way our developers can restart
whenever they need to update information etc. without affecting other

Help - Thanks

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> Quoting Dan B (db@cyclonehq.dnsalias.net):
> > Yes, you can also easily run multiple interchange deamons per box.  Just
> > install them to different directories (/usr/local/ic-4.6.3,
> > or  /usr/local/ic-CVS-$DATE is how I do it).  It doesn't hurt for them
> > share a common catalog directory (such as /var/ic), but you probably
> > want two daemons accessing the same catalog at the same time :-)
> >
> Actually, that is not a problem. It isn't really any different than
> different users hitting the same catalog with browser clicks on the
> same daemon with forked children. We are very fussy about locking files,
> which accounts for Interchange's good reputation for robustness. 8-)
> In fact, I recommend this. Make one daemon with the UI for your admin,
> protecting it with HTTP basic auth and/or allow-deny IP/host statements
> in the web server, and disable the UI in the production version that
> customers use. This is much more secure as all of the GlobalSub and
> UserTags that modify files are out of play.
> (You might have to include some of the UI usertags from lib/UI/usertag
> if you employed them in the catalog -- the only one I can think of that
> we use in the demo is [button ...] and maybe [table-editor ...] in the
> DEV_4_7_0 branch.)
> I will try and include instructions and a little batch file to do
> that in the next release.
> Best,
> Mike
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