[ic] Authorize.net integration question

Jud Harris jud-lists@copernica.com
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 17:52:20 -0600

Hey folks,

I'm trying to integrate authorize.net ADC payment processing into the simple
tutorial catalog - problem is, I have NO idea where to start.  Well, ok,
that's not entirely true.

Since I've read some mail archive postings, I've enabled

in interchange.cfg:
    #include globalsub/authorizenet

and in catalog.cfg
    Variable MV_PAYMENT_ID    YourAuthorizeNetID
    Variable MV_PAYMENT_SECRET    YourAuthorizeNetPassword
    Variable MV_PAYMENT_MODE    custom authorizenet

(with the proper entires, of course) -

Now what?  I've searched the pdf docs for any mention of "authorize" or
"authorizenet," and can find nothing related to this.  I'm sure I need some
voodoo-like tags inserted.

Can anyone refer me to some sample html or docs?

.. many thanks!