[ic] Installing Akopia?

Guy Soudant soudant@home.nl
Wed, 28 Feb 2001 08:18:56 +0100


Installing the application is not the problem, although you have to know 
the exact meaning of the questions that are asked (if you 
run ./configure). In general, most standard answers should fit your needs 
(watch out with the cgi-wrapper question), and be sure to use the pwd 
command to check directory paths. Taking this into account, then the 
install is not very tricky (if you have shell access).

The difficult part is configuring the application after install. This can 
be tricky, but then you can always ask questions on this forum.

Sorry but I personally cannot install the app for you, since I am too 
busy with setting it up myself, and I face a deadlline that's nearby.

Hope this helps

Kind regards

Guy Soudant
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> How long would it take to install Akopia?
> My main question is "how hard is it" to install Akopia?
> Anyone be willing to set it up or me?
> Adam
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