[ic] order reporting & purchase orders

Dan B db@cyclonehq.dnsalias.net
Wed, 28 Feb 2001 01:11:17 -0800

At 02:47 AM 2/28/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>I checked logs/log. Check and credit card orders appears as:
>   #### begin 000002 #####
>   Add main order 000002 to transactions: 1
>   set credit_limit:
>   Added os28068b to orderline: 1
>   Inventory now: 98
>         Logout auto-created user: 1
>   #### end 000002 #####
>   Sending email copy of order 000002 to ken@desktech.com: 1
>However, purchase orders appear as:
>   #### begin 000004 #####
>   There was an error adding to the transaction log.
>         Logout auto-created user: 1
>   #### end 000004 #####
>   Sending email copy of order 000004 to ken@desktech.com: 1
>I checked the error log through the web-based administration and found these
>three errors occurring:
>{IP, DATE, TIME} construct /construct/construct.cgi/admin/genconfig.html
>Can't read file '/home/xxxxxxxx/catalogs/construct/etc/status.construct'
>with NoAbsolute set

Try setting NoAbsolute No in your .cfg to test if that helps.  Somewhere in 
the construct code it's accessing status.construct with the wrong path and 
voilating security (when using purchase orders).


>{IP, DATE, TIME} construct /construct/construct.cgi/process.html search
>error: Limit subroutine creation: bad limit creation code in coordinated
>search, probably search group without search specification. at
>/home/xxxxxxxx/interchange/lib/Vend/Search.pm line 703.
>{IP, DATE, TIME} construct /construct/construct.cgi/process.html Attempt to
>set userdb::password::U00004 in read-only table

To narrow down where these are coming from:  on one screen, do a 'tail -f 
error.log'.  That gives you a continuous realtime output of the errors.

Then, go through the site, and every time you click, see which errors come 
up on the screen.  That way you can know it's when you click "place order" 
or when you click "checkout", etc.


>Does this mean I have something setup incorrectly? I didn't change anything
>out of the ordinary throughout the automated install. If it matters, the
>purchase orders didn't register on the order reports at Akopia's demo site
>Thank you,
>Ken Dailey <ken@desktech.com> 612.825.0999
>DeskTech Computer & Internet Services <http://www.desktech.com>
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>Quoting Ken Dailey (ken@desktech.com):
> > Hello,
> >
> > I am very new to Interchange and have been working with the construct demo
> > to familiarize myself with the program. I have a problem and I am not sure
> > if it is a bug or if I missed something in the documentation.
> >
> > Any orders that are placed with the Purchase Order option (instead of via
> > Check or Credit Card) do not show up on the Order report in the Admin
> > Nor do they show up on the Customer report in the Admin area.
> >
> > I tried this out on my own installation of the demo and on the demo on
> > Akopia's web site.
> >
> > Any ideas on how all orders can be included in these reports?
> >
>This is most likely a bug. I will note it as such -- there should be
>indications in the error.log (did you check?). Also, you might look
>and see what is in logs/log.
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