[ic] Question about top frame on "Construct Something" template...

Psirix@aol.com Psirix@aol.com
Wed, 28 Feb 2001 11:51:32 EST

Dear interchange users,
I recently started using the "Construct Something" Interchange software to make my e-commerce site.  Everything is simple and easy to use except one thing.  I am trying to edit the top from so I can insert my logo and a couple of other pics.  Im talking about the frame on the "Construct Something" template where it has the "Construct Something" logo, the "Home", "About Us", "Log In" etc buttons,  I want to be able to insert my logo and make it whatever size I want.  I just need to know what HTML file to edit.  I appreciate anyone's help with this.  If someone can e-mail at:  Psirix@aol.com   I would greatly appreciate it.
Nick Gregory