[ic] Discount ALL_ITEMS - bug ?

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Tue, 2 Jan 2001 13:21:05 -0500

Quoting James Griffiths (griffiths_james@yahoo.com):
> Mike Heins wrote: 
> >> The problem I have is that when viewing the cart,
> >> the line items are shown un-discounted while the
> >> sub-total reflects the correctly discounted
> amounts.
> > Did you try editing the cart component to always 
> > display [discount-price]?
> I am working with pretty much the standard cart
> component from the Construct Something demo. This
> as you know has an [if discount [item-code]] tag for 
> each line item to decide whether to display
> [discount-price] or [item-price] for the line item. 
> I have left this "as is" because I want to refine the 
> discount later to apply to selected users only - 
> then the [if discount ..] tag should be handy.
> I think the problem is that the [if discount ..]
> tag is returning false for all items because of the
> bug I suspect in the conditional sub in Interpolate.pm
> If there is anything I can do to refine the problem
> report, just let me know.

Then just make it:

	[if discount [item-code]]
	[or discount ALL_ITEMS]

This is just a cart issue -- not a bug. The cart as it is is
not set up to handle ALL_ITEMS. Either edit the cart to remove
the conditional, showing [discount-price] and [discount-subtotal]
always, or add the above.

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