[ic] Multi-Part Checkout w/ Confirmation Page

Lee Hoffman lee@rsub.net
Tue, 2 Jan 2001 18:44:26 -0500

Im trying to create a multi-page checkout process so that the user enters
their address and CC info on the checkout page and then is taken to a final
page which displays the final order (with calculated tax etc) and asks them
to click a submit button to process the order (which is then processed
through Cyber Cash).

The way im trying to do this is to use two order-profiles. The two profiles
are the same except the first has:

&set = mv_successpage ord/confirm.html

And the second has:


Everything seems to be working except for the credit card number! On the
confirmation page I pass all the variables (address, phone,
credit_card_exp_year etc...) from the first page using <input type="hidden"
... . The problem is that:

<INPUT type="hidden" NAME="mv_credit_card_number" VALUE="[value

is rendered as:

<INPUT type="hidden" NAME="mv_credit_card_number" VALUE="">

mv_credit_card_number keeps disappearing! :(

I even tried changing the first order profile to "&credit_card standard
keep" etc... instead of Cybercash, but that didnt help either.

Has anyone successfully done confirmation pages? Please help.