[ic] Multi-Part Checkout w/ Confirmation Page

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Tue, 2 Jan 2001 23:45:31 -0500

Quoting Lee Hoffman (lee@rsub.net):
> Im trying to create a multi-page checkout process so that the user enters
> their address and CC info on the checkout page and then is taken to a final
> page which displays the final order (with calculated tax etc) and asks them
> to click a submit button to process the order (which is then processed
> through Cyber Cash).
> The way im trying to do this is to use two order-profiles. The two profiles
> are the same except the first has:
> &set = mv_successpage ord/confirm.html
> &final=no
> And the second has:
> &final=yes
> Everything seems to be working except for the credit card number! On the
> confirmation page I pass all the variables (address, phone,
> credit_card_exp_year etc...) from the first page using <input type="hidden"
> ... . The problem is that:
> <INPUT type="hidden" NAME="mv_credit_card_number" VALUE="[value
> mv_credit_card_number]">
> is rendered as:
> <INPUT type="hidden" NAME="mv_credit_card_number" VALUE="">
> mv_credit_card_number keeps disappearing! :(

As it is supposed to. If you save it in the session to the values hash, it
will be written to disk in the clear. And you don't want that to happen.

You can, if you wish, pass it back with [cgi mv_credit_card_number],
storing it in a hidden variable in the page, but I certainly don't
recommend it. The best thing to do is collect it as a part of the
final step.

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