[ic] Inventory adjustment questions

Steve Freitas sflist@ihonk.com
Tue, 2 Jan 2001 22:37:46 -0800

>There isn't really any code to handle this.  You can search the
>archives on in-stock or something.  I have developed something that is
>fairly rudimentary.  As soon as I can, I will post a link to a patch
>for the construct demo.

Great, thanks! I think Akopia should add this function to its todo list 
-- incomplete functions are almost as bad as bugs.

>IC relies on whatever mail configuration your server itself has.  If
>you want your server to use a "smarthost" you will need to configure
>your Mail Transport Agent (MTA - sendmail, qmail, etc.) to do that.

I apologize for responding with what should be a Linux sysadmin question, 
but my impression has been that applications usually have some setting 
for this -- otherwise, how would it know whether to use /usr/bin/sendmail 
or /usr/local/bin/qmail? Is there some global setting buried in /etc 
which tells apps which MTA to use by default?


Steve Freitas