[ic] IC GUI

Viktors Rotanovs Viktors@Rotanovs.com
Wed, 3 Jan 2001 11:55:04 +0200

Hi Steve,

it's very nice to see that such nice thing is coming.
Here is my wishlist :)

1) qt/kde usage, in particular, kwrite for html would be the best
as kwrite is the nicest HTML editor I've ever seen (I've been coding HTML for
almost 8 years now). Also, qt has many nice widgets, nice icons on file
selection dialog, faster redraw, etc. and is GPL-licensed.

2) it would be extremely nice to have spreadsheet-like table editor
(or ms access-like), because there's no GUI tool as far as I know to _quickly_
edit TAB-delimited files (without importing/exporting/etc).

On Thursday 28 December 2000 19:10, you wrote:
> I am taking suggestions for features / desires for a GUI frontend to
> Interchange. Having been a Minivend user since 2.08 I have a fair idea
> of what I would like a GUI to provide. This project is slated for Linux
> users with porting to UNIX OS's to follow. Since Akopia is playing with
> MAC it will most likely be the next platform supported. For anyone
> wanting to take a peek at where I presently am (which isn't far) it can
> be viewed at:
> http://www.wubs.org/~steve/patricia/
> As stated at the url I am taking any help anyone wants to provide along
> with suggestions. I have tons of code to pour through so if you want a
> section of the app let me know :)
> Steve
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Best Wishes,
Viktors Rotanovs
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