[ic] interchange and databases

Murray Gibbins Murray@scotweb.ltd.uk
Wed, 03 Jan 2001 14:27:32 +0000

ok this has annoyed me.

The new interchange.cfg file has a "database" tag with is not documented in the
pdf's with interchange 4.6.1. But it is in the source code. 

['Database',             'database',         ''],

see Config.pm

However there is no "NoImport" line in the interchange.cfg nor is there a way of
making SQL databases global over all catalogues without it trying to import it
from a test file into the db. Grrr arg!

I'll going to have to use Database lines in the catalog.cfg files. Something
that will really screw things up wrt memory/speed and my current mall set up.
>:-( .

Any help would be appreciated, I might be doing things wrong?

Currently things look like this...

DataBase	shipping	/etc/minivend/tmp/shipping.asc	dbi:Pg:dbname=minivend
host=localhost port=5432
DataBase	shipping		WRITE_CONTROL		1
Database	shipping		READ_ONLY		1
Database	shipping	USER	interch

and I'm getting this... B6UmxVZM: - [03/January/2001:14:08:38 +0000] carn
/cgi-bin/carn/process Table /etc/minivend/tmp/shipping not found in databases

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