[ic] IC GUI a bit OT

Steve & Patti Getzinger steveandpatti@wubs.org
Wed, 03 Jan 2001 12:00:00 -0600

Doug Alcorn wrote:

> > Viktors Rotanovs wrote:
> >
> > > 1) qt/kde usage...GPL-licensed.
> Qt is only GPLed for Unix-like platforms...But, that is not really relevant here.
> > I will look into the HTML editor..always welcomed.
> This is verging on a slippery-slope of an editor war.  Why not just
> provide hooks for the user to call their favorite editor?

Well Doug since I am the head of this snake what I say goes regardless :) Anyway my
main reasoning for not calling in another editor and having it built in is lack of an
editor to call in. To my knowledge there is no scanner for [ ] type tags (that's why
I am building one for the Linux community) also how do you propose to parse the IC
portion of the code in an editor not built to specifically do so? Don't need to
answer that one just my thoughts. How can you Drag -n- Drop code into an editor that
does not allow from another app? Yes BONOBO is coming along but if that editor does
not support BONOBO, can not parse or even deal with the [ ] tags you as a user are
SOL. How could I possibly see my db changes in my pages with let's say Adobe as my
editor? Not to mention the code involved to take into account every editor out there.

I am not out to compete with any HTML editor on the market except possibly the
offerings that are comparable. This is far beyond a Bluefish or Kwrite and while they
are nice tools in their own right they are not the proper tool for Interchange. That
last one was a IMHO :) This is thought of as server mentality not user.

A quick examination of why Microsoft succeeds and one sees a major part is GUI and
integration with other apps. IIS and FP with Access and asp. So we have RH/Apache and
SQL / flat files and embedded perl. What's missing? FP. Just like Bluefish is not
designed to compete with software like FP what I am working on will not threaten
Bluefish in any way except lacks in areas where they feel I am strong and they need
to be stronger in.

What stops real success of Linux? It is all disjointed individual efforts. Look at
AbiWord great app but that is the end of it. You need a Star Office to compete in a
market saturated with MS Office, Lotus and Corel. The Linux community needs stronger
apps to move forward. I felt this 3 years ago and still do. This is about on the home
desktop, in the small office and so on. "Why learn any code when I can just buy FP
and go? I have a business to run I do not have time to learn all this."

I am out of breath now so I will retreat to my corner and reflect :) Everyone have a
great day.


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