[ic] Form Variables

Thomas McAlees tmcalees@discgolfcentral.com
Wed, 3 Jan 2001 14:45:23 -0500

Racke, thanks for the response.  But I tried changing the form variable from
'id' to 'tourid' and I'm still unable to access the value on the target
page.  Any other suggestions?  Is there another way to pass parameters to a
target page?



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"Thomas McAlees" <tmcalees@discgolfcentral.com> writes:

> I'm generating a hyperlink using the following code:
>     <a href="[area href=tournament form="id=[item-param id]"]">[item-param
> And attempting to retrieve the id parameter on the target page using the
following code:
>     id = [value id]<br>
> But there is no value.  If I retrieve the session id using the following
>     id = [value mv_session_id]<br>
> I am successfully retrieving the session id.  If anyone has any
suggestions as to why I am unable to retrieve my parameters I would greatly
appreciate your thoughts.  I can see the 'id' parameter in the URL so I know
it is being formed correctly.

Use at least 3 characters length for form element names/database fields.
Otherwise the IC abbrevs for form elements
will hit you.


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