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Ed LaFrance edl@newmediaems.com
Wed, 03 Jan 2001 12:53:40 -0800

At 02:37 PM 1/3/01 -0600, you wrote:
>Hey Everybody try and figure this one out:
>I have started using the quicken import feature of IC and the first 3 order
>that it placed in a file name date.iif worked GREAT. Then the 4th entry it
>made it in there makes quickbooks fault everytime. I have looked at the
>structure of that entry for about 2 days. I wont attach the said iif file
>for everyone to look at. But for all intents and purposes I have not seen
>any problems with the entry. I can remove the entire entry and it imports
>fine. I can remove some of the items from the entry and the file wont cause
>any problems. But the LAST entry will not be int he INVOICES. Any ideas?

Your timing is fortuitous - I happen to working on a bilateral adaptation 
of the trans_quickbooks file for a customer(adapt up to QB2000, adapt down 
to MV3.14!) and I may be able to help you.  The copy of trans_quickbooks 
which I got from the CVS a couple of weeks ago uses [item-field title] for 
the INVITEM field in the SPL (line item) records. It appears that if this 
evaluates to longer than appox 15 characters, or blank, Quickbooks 
crashes.  I would try finding this area in trans_quickbooks and replacing 
[item-field title] with [item-code], then delete the qb*.iif file, place 
the last order again, and try importing again.

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