[ic] offline payment method....

MiamiShoppings@aol.com MiamiShoppings@aol.com
Wed, 3 Jan 2001 17:23:24 EST

Hi to all! I'm completly new to interchange

I'm about to download the shopping cart to install it.  However, in the 
requirements I saw that it said that it requires a payment gateway method 
like: cybercash, verisign,...)

I browsed the forum, but found nothing

My question is: Does interchange supports Offline payment method? where a 
user can go shop and pay with a creditcard, but then the store administrator 
have to go and manually process the credit card information with his favorite 

If it doesn't come default, is there any hack or script that have being 
developed for that?

thanks to all!

Yoan Valiente