[ic] Looking for general proof of concept using IC.

Tim Nelson nelson.tim@worldnet.att.net
Wed, 3 Jan 2001 20:01:07 -0500

I am very new to IC but my hope would be to implement IC with
the follow specialized requirements.

1. I need to change the item database to support price conversions, multiple
units of measure, etc.
(the application is for lumber yard when an item could be sold by the EACH

2. I need to create several real-time hooks for getting inventory levels and
current pricing by customer by
item by quantity ordered. (how I get this is moot just need to know that I
can stick my fingers in at the
appropriate points in IC's pages)

3. I need to add the concept of multiple customer accounts.  Here a master
account (the customer) has
several jobs.  I think this could be done using the userdb, but I am not

I am looking for a vote of confidence that IC can be modified to do the

BTW. We would be looking for a consultant to help me jumpstart the effort.