[ic] Answers Wanted: 2-level categorization: Best strategy?

Steve Freitas sflist@ihonk.com
Fri, 5 Jan 2001 18:07:46 -0800

Hi all. I hope at least a few of you can counsel me on this.

The Construct demo uses, as the manual states, single-level 
categorization for its items. I would like to change it to support 
two-level categorization. To provide a practical usage example, here are 
two categories and subcategories of parts I would like to list:

Mustang parts

Camaro parts


So basically I have taken the existing categories like Nails, Hammers and 
Ladders, and have changed them to Suspension, Interior and Drivetrain. 
I've then made them subordinate to what I might call a 'primary category'.

I would like to then modify the pages so that the user first picks a 
primary category (e.g. Mustang or Camaro), then goes to a page much like 
Construct's current index, where categories are listed (e.g. Suspension, 
Interior, etc.) and parts suggested.

Beyond the obvious stuff like adding another column to the Products 
table, can a few of you provide an outline of how you'd go about solving 
this problem? And if you have any shortcuts (like a different 
architecture), I'd love to hear it.

Thanks so much,

Steve Freitas