[ic] Patent issues?

db db@cyclonehq.dnsalias.net
Mon, 8 Jan 2001 01:26:27 -0800

> > > C. does this violate one-click?
> >
> > Who cares.  It's GPL'd.  We'll distribute the patches from an ftp mirror
> > uganda or something.
> Pity that has nothing to do with patent violation.  Not only does GPL not
> protect you from patent violation, but distributing the software from
> somewhere not covered by the patent will only cover the *distributor* of
> the software, not the end users.  Won't the end users still be in
> violation of the patent?  (Assuming, of course, that the software does
> actually use some patented invention/technology.)

This is the neat part:  we invent a NEW technology...

 - Mouseover shopping.  (Hold your mouse over the 'buy' button for 2

 - "one-thought" purchasing.  Where advanced software reads the user's mind
and (using secret '/dev/random' software) and selects a product to throw in
the users basket with just "one-thought".

 - "one-clack".  Yes, one "clAck".  "Clack here to place your order".

Obviously, I read too much slashdot.
Seriosuly, though, you're probably right about the "user" being persecuted
by Amazon (ala Barnes and Noble style).  But maybe one could write a filter
that detects if the incoming GET request is coming from an amazon.com
address -- and automatically remove the 1-click code for that session. :-)

Bezos, Amazon CEO:  "Well, they keep telling me that amazonstinks.com has 1
click, but whenever I go there, I don't see it.  That's because it is so
technologically advanced that no one can replicate it."

Dan Browning, Cyclone Computer Systems, danb@cyclonecomputers.com