[ic] static page generation faild

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Mon, 8 Jan 2001 11:09:28 -0500

Quoting Shozo Murahashi (murahashi@ayayu.com):
> Static page generation failed at the generating phase after the
> checking.
> I can find the following message in the error.log.
> hcns003.zaq.ne.jp pjtb5UPi:ne.jp - [07/January/2001:16:32:22 +0900]
> outdoor-w /cgibin/outdoor-w.cgi/admin/regen.html search error: Limit
> subroutine creation: bad limit creation code in coordinated search,
> probably search group without search specification. at
> /mnt/web/guide/ayayu.com/interchange/lib/Vend/Search.pm line 689.
> >
> I specified settings below (A) and session log(B) is ...(sorry,  too
> long)
> Is there any restriction to generate static pages? Or am I wrong?

I am guessing that you are searching for a non-existent field name
somewhere and it yields a bad search. I don't think that should make the
whole process fail though, just that page. I will look into that part,
but I would check and see if all of your search links are valid.

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