[ic] weird glitch with admin interface

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Tue, 09 Jan 2001 08:54:41 +0700

The admin graphics come from a "shared images" directory which, 
unless overridden during catalog creation, will reside in the 
catalog user html directory. On my system the admin images have
the general URL form of:


So, I would guess that this directory was not installed for your 
new catalog. If you can use Netscape, simply right click on one 
of the broken images and select the "display image" action. You 
will get a broken image but the URL display of the browser will 
show you the exact path to the image. Then copy the missing 
images to create the appropriate setup.



On Mon, 8 Jan 2001 17:28:16 -0800, +N6REJ wrote:

>I had that problem when the files were named in uppercase instead of all
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>> I just installed ic for a new store on my system and got the weirdest
>> glitch.  All the graphics for the catalog seem to be fine but when i log
>> as administrator all the graphics are missing...does anyone have any idea
>> why this happens.  I have another store installed and its fine.
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