[ic] Interchange running, demo site not running

David Somner dave@htxtech.com
Tue, 09 Jan 2001 12:31:00 -0500

Hello!  I have installed Perl 5.6.0 and the latest Interchange on my
server.  I have set up a default catalog and told it to use .cgi
scripts.  I have installed the .cgi script into the web site's root

I can see the first page of the demo site by using a browser and going
to http://www.sitename.com/construct

If I type in http://www.sitename.com/construct.cgi, it says that the
user does not have appropriate privaleges to  run the cgi script. 
Interchange set the user of this file to "interch".

If I set it up to use non-.cgi extension files and put "contruct" into
/cgi-bin, then the server opens and displays the file, which looks like
an ELF file.

In either case, when I click on a link, my server comes back with "file
not found".

Oh, the Interchange daemon loads and runs without a problem.

What is my problem?  What have I done wrong?

Please write back - my email is dave@htxtech.com and kokuryu@kokuryu.com