[ic] Problem migrating IC 4.6 to another server

luiss@telenetsa.com luiss@telenetsa.com
Tue, 9 Jan 2001 16:49:59 -0300


I have a working installation of a catalog in my internal Linux 
development box. Now that we are ready to publish I migrate it to my 
Internet host. And, as you may suppose, my catalog doesn't run anymore.

The catalog is based on construct, runs with mysql and is working fine.
My internal Linux is a RH6.1, with IC 4.6 and mysql.
My Internet host is a Cobalt RaQ4i. I have IC 4.6, mysql and the demo 
catalog running on it.

I did the following steps:
The catalog name is racca (yes, racca)
Dumped the database, and install in the RaQ4i. Setup security and check 
access OK. Issue SQL queries and it works OK.
Dumped the directory /var/lib/interchange/racca to a tar file.
Dumped the directory /home/httpd/html/racca to a tar file.
Dumped the file /home/httpd/cgi-bin/racca to a tar file.
Sent by ftp the three files.
Stop interchange.
Untar the first file on /var/lib/interchange/racca
Untar the second first file on 
/home/sites/www.raccasoluciones.com/web/racca (www.raccasoluciones.com/ is 
a virtual host)
Untar the third file on /home/sites/www.raccasoluciones.com/web/cgi-bin
Modifiy /var/lib/interchange/racca/catalog.cfg and alter host name and 
Modifiy /var/lib/interchange/racca/products/variable.txt and alter host 
name and paths.
Modifiy /usr/lib/interchange/interchange.cfg and add the line:
        Catalog       racca /var/lib/interchange/racca 
www.raccasoluciones.com/cgi-bin/racca www.raccasoluciones.com/racca
Modify /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf to support the catalog binary:
        ScriptAlias /cgi-bin /home/sites/site9/web/cgi-bin      (site9 is 
the real name of www.raccasoluciones.com)
Start interchange and got the following message in the error log:
- - - [09/January/2001:14:58:50 -0500] - - Low traffic settings.
- - - [09/January/2001:14:58:50 -0500] - - Calling UI....
- - - [09/January/2001:14:58:51 -0500] - - ...UI is loaded....
- - - [09/January/2001:14:58:51 -0500] - - Interchange V4.6.0
- - - [09/January/2001:14:58:51 -0500] - - Using MySQL, 
- - - [09/January/2001:14:58:52 -0500] - - racca config error: products 
not a database, cannot use as products file
- - - [09/January/2001:14:58:52 -0500] - - racca: config error. Skipping.
- - - [09/January/2001:14:58:52 -0500] - - START server (19773) (INET and 
- - - [09/January/2001:14:58:53 -0500] - - Accepting connections from 
- - - [09/January/2001:14:58:53 -0500] - - START server (19795) (INET and 

The catalog does not work anymore.

Please let me know if someone faced a problem like this, and how to solve 

Thanks in advance.

Luis Sanchez