[ic] 2nd Product Table? (Or Not)

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
10 Jan 2001 10:18:05 -0500

"J. Ross Dishner" <ross@designcc.com> writes:

> The differences include such varying items as one features an image
> but does not allow for the sale of the product and only provides the
> user with information about the product, the other is without an image
> and allows for purchase by credit card, check etc. Please note that
> approximate number of each is at around 65 for the first catagory and
> roughly 2500 for the second so replacing one catagory with static
> pages is not an option.

Put it all in one catalog (and even one product table).  You can
specify different flypages for different items and different results
pages for specific scans.  Doing this probably means changing the
bar_link subroutine so that the links built for the leftside include
the 'sp' (or mv_search_page).  There might be some way to do this with
the UI and not have to modify bar_link.  However, as discussed in
another thread I don't really know all the stuff that can be put in
the 'cat' table for various link types.
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