[ic] [ic]/[mv] Large Product tables

Barney Treadway barney@ecomshare.com
Wed, 10 Jan 2001 14:42:10 -0700

Greetings John,

You mention "many problems" with large databases. Did you find a workaround
or did you go elsewhere for a mysql driven cart?

I use Webmin and phpmyadmin currently and couldn't live without either!
Mysqlman looks about identical to phpmyadmin.



> Barney Treadway wrote:
> > Again, thanks for the insight. I'm going to push ahead with this in some
> > manner and I'll endeavor to keep folks informed as to load issues and
> > workarounds for catalogs of this size. I'd appreciate any
> feedback or words
> > of warning/encouragement. :-)
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> I have run into many problems with large databases and IC. I HIGHLY
> recommend the MySQLman application from the below website. Depending on
> your system it may be tricky to setup but it will allow you to have an
> excellent tool for managing these larger databases. I also use WebMin in
> both site management and in DB management. Good Luck!