[ic] Drop down list

Barney Treadway barney@ecomshare.com
Wed, 10 Jan 2001 15:42:03 -0700

This is done several times in the demo set up. if the option values are in a
database then the following works groovy. Implied is a table where
state_code would be the abbreviation and state_name would be "pretty name".
Although why you would make this dynamic rather than static is another
question, unless George W planning an imperialist foreign policy, the states
should stay fairly static.

<SELECT NAME="state" SIZE="1" >
[loop search="fi=state_table/se=whatever/st=sql/"]
<OPTION VALUE="[loop-data state_table state_code]">[loop-data categories

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> Before I go and re-invent the wheel, has anybody developed a usertag that
> you can pass the name of a minivend/ic database, and it will build the
> <option value="X">Description</option> tags for the contents of the
> database?
> What I want to do is have a drop down box for the state.  I've got a
> standard list of state abbreviations and names that I use in other places,
> so instead of making a static, I want to generate it on the fly.  So
> something that's specific to generating a list of states would be
> great, or
> just a general routine.  I've made a quick search of the Akopia site, and
> heading back for a more detailed search now :)
> Dave
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