[ic] Payment method change does not work at Akopia's Construct demo site

Ayayu Infomation desk info@ayayu.com
Thu, 11 Jan 2001 18:50:03 +0900


I  found the problem that I can't change payment method on account.html

Is this known bug or not?

In userdb, there is no column of payment_method, but fax_order.
But in account.html , payment_method is refered in the following code.

[value name=payment_method interpolate=1 set="[data table=userdb
column=payment_method key='[data session username]']" hide=1]
[if !value payment_method][value name=payment_method set="credit"

So we can't change payment_method and always credit.
How should I do?
Should I continue to use fax_order or add payment_method column into

Please give me a suggestion?