[ic] Just a Small Question?!?! (I hope)

Steve & Patti Getzinger steveandpatti@wubs.org
Thu, 11 Jan 2001 07:18:17 -0600

I'm not positive on this but I don't think you can. You have 3 groupings of
permission settings. The first is owner, then group, then world. For each you
have read, write, and execute. To write (add) to a file also gives edit (write)
to that particular person. You are actually editing when you add. THat's initial
thought less than 5 minutes out of bed :)


Justin Bonds - Hyper Tech wrote:

> Hi,
> I have been working with the demo of Interchange and I absolutely love it.
> I can't believe that a great product such as this is free (ok - I think that
> it's free), especially since something similar to this, using Windows, would
> cost literally thousands!!!
> But anyway, the reason that I'm writing is to see if any of you have a
> solution to my situation.  In the Access area, it allows you to set
> permissions.  That's great!  But, I have tried many different settings but I
> can't seem to land on the correct way to accomplish what I'd like to.
> So, here it is:  I would like to have an employee be able to add a product,
> but not be able to edit the product after it has been added.  I have removed
> the edit check mark and left the Create checked, but obviously it needs the
> edit (due to the error message presented) to Create a product.  I have
> worked with both the Products table, and the options at the top, but to no
> success.  I have also removed the View check so that perhaps it will let me
> just add a product, and not show a product, therefore (in my hopes) not
> allowing the employee to edit the product since they can't see it.  However,
> this too returns an error message.
> Do any of you have any great suggestions as to how I could go about
> accomplishing the above?  Your help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks!!!
> Justin Bonds
> Hyper Tech, Inc.
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