[ic] 3 questions (ergent)

Thomas Stefanidis thomas@prometheas.gr
Thu, 11 Jan 2001 23:49:15 +0200

The questions :
1) I want to use 3 currencies in a site. I want Euro to be the default
and the user to choose between Greek Drahmas and USA $.
    Is that possible? If this is not possible ,can i at least show 2 at
the same time?(i want the prices to be also shown at Shopping Cart
2) I have a category. Is there a way to have sub-directories? Look at
the example below

Main                        SubDirectory

-Scuba Diving -->
                                Seac             --------->Mask 1


                                Mares           --------->
                                Cressi-Sub    --------->

-Fishing -->

........but i don't want all these sub-categories to be shown in the
first page,
If someone gets into "Scuba Diving" category,THEN he will see
Xmm...How about that??

3) Is there  a way to build search engine that user uses a drop list to
decide in what to look?I was thinking if it's possible to use
Interchange for a bookstore.

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