[ic] [ic]/[mv] Large Product tables

John Foster jfoster@augustmail.com
Thu, 11 Jan 2001 23:39:35 -0600

Barney Treadway wrote:
> Greetings John,
> You mention "many problems" with large databases. Did you find a workaround
> or did you go elsewhere for a mysql driven cart?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! I use IC EXCLUSIVELY.. I just had a lot of learning to
do and someone (thanks Pugdog) recommended the use of these specialized
MySQL management tools for databases of the size I use. (268,000 items
with 23 fields in the products.txt table with a huge 30Mgb, searchable,
secondary catalog of reference info that corresponds to the items)

> I use Webmin and phpmyadmin currently and couldn't live without either!
> Mysqlman looks about identical to phpmyadmin.
I looked at phpadmin when it was an infant and rejected it for several
reasons, the main one being that it did not suit my personal tasts.
These others meet my current needs.

Mike and crew...IC is a great product & I expect huge successes for you
this year.

We specialize in multi-processor computing systems!
John Foster
AdVance-Computing Systems