[ic] Which credit card billing companies does IC work with?

Ron Phipps takedown@cdsnet.net
Thu, 11 Jan 2001 23:51:57 -0800

I've successfully got two shops up and running with IC using Verisign
(formerly known as Signio) and their rates are very competitivie.  It's
about $59.95 a month for up to 5,000 transactions and the setup fee is
around $200 (as opposed to $495 for cybercash)/  Service has been excellent
so far.  Their downtime has been fairly short (an hour, 3 times over a year
and they schedule these times in the early morning when sites are generally
slow).  The only drawback to verisign (may apply to cybercash and
authorize.net) is that they do not have an Alpha binary and the source
version will not compile on our alpha systems.  We are getting to launch a
decent size store and it's built on alpha systems so were testing out the
Java version to see if it will work.  The module is included with
Interchange and you can search the old mailing list for 'Signio' and turn up
a how to get it working properly.  I frequent this list often so if you have
trouble just post.  Also if you decide to go with Verisign ask to be setup
with the accountant manager 'Will Redfield', he's been extremely helpful for
to us.  Take it easy!


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> I also want to know if there is info on the various credit card billing
> compaies that IC works with. I am currently using latest 4.6.1 and am
> seeking experienced comments regarding this. I checked with CyberCash.
> seem expensive compared to my current service provider (manual input at
> present, no auto-approvals). Is this normal? I want to be fully automated
> soon.
> Thanks!
> John
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