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Murray Gibbins Murray@scotweb.ltd.uk
Fri, 12 Jan 2001 08:58:40 +0000

luis wrote:
> based on the page you authored
> (http://www.morpheux.org/minivend/shipd/shipd.html) it seems that you are
> quite knowledgeable about the way minivend shipping works.  i have a
> question regarding minivend shipping i hoped you could answer.  how can i
> implement 3 static shipping options?  i want a user to select from 3
> choices that will never change.
> any help is appreciated.
> luis

Thank you but anyone resonably conversant with minvend/interchange could answer
your question.

The first step is to ask your customer what s/he want to ship with.
The where s/he want to ship to.

Cavat :
I assume by three options you mean three ways of getting your package to country
X; not three global destinations.

In this case there are three ways of doing it.


In your shipping.asc file run the usual "-f" flag and use a "Static" form
variable ( i.e. a pull down list) to decide between the three options and return
the shipping method/cost. Remeber you can alwasy call upon external subroutines.


Contruct your shipping.asc file so that the country codes are appended with a
code decribing your shipping method. Your web page appends the shipping
detination to your method code and returns that value to the mv_shipmode, then
look it up in your shipping.asc file.


Simular to 1 but hard code your routines into shipd and let it do the work.


The first method is not very maintainable but quick to set up.
The secound is more mainatinable but take more effort to set up.
The third takes the longest to set up but is the most scalable and maintainable.

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