[ic] flash in Interchange 4.6.1

Randy Moore ramoore@axion-it.net
Sat, 13 Jan 2001 19:17:22 -0500

At 01:30 PM 1/13/01 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi am having a problem trying to put a flash file in Interchange-4.6.1 Linux
>I have created a page called a.html (for testing)
>I put the '.ah_cast.swf' file in the /pages dir and I can not get it to run.
>I have tested the script/movie on my server and it works.
>Looks like a path problem but I am not sure.
>As usual Thanks for any help

Hi Jerry,

You'll need to move the .swf file into your regular HTML docs directory 
rather than in your /pages directory of your store.  The .swf file does not 
need to be interpreted by IC.

If the page that calls the .swf file (a.html in you case) needs IC, it can 
stay in the /pages directory.  But the link from that page to your .swf 
file will need to be an absolute reference to the .swf file in your HTML 
docs directory. In other words, it will need start with a '/' or be a full 

Hope this helps.

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